Nelson Fuentebella, PA-C

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Reason for Becoming a Doctor and Education

Dr. Fuentebella became a physician assistant (PA) in order to help people and make a difference in their lives. His journey began in orthopedics and he has experience in acute/chronic pain. His idea behind successful medicine is to treat and diagnose before it gets really bad. He is a specialist in Interventional Pain and he likes to focus on preventative medicine.

Dr. Fuentebella was born in the Philippines, moved to LA, and eventually landed in Loma Linda. He studied at Cal State Northridge for his undergraduate degree. He received his PA certification through Western University PA school. He has worked in orthopedics, pain management and also treated patients at an urgent care.

Working for Spanish Hills Interventional Pain Specialists

Dr. Fuentebella has been a PA for over 10 years and has been with Spanish Hills Interventional Pain Specialists since 2019. “I find this career to be very rewarding and I enjoy helping my patients achieve comfort and relief from pain.” says, Dr. Fuentebella.

He believes that it is important to treat his patients as they would want to be treated. He loves working at Spanish Hills Interventional Pain Specialists because everyone works together as a team, they support each other and collaborate to determine the best treatment for each patient.

Dr. Fuentebella loves working with his patients because it is extremely rewarding, and he is making a difference in people’s lives. He describes himself as down to earth, strong and strict but fair (when he needs to be!).

He truly cares about his patients and wants to help them get relief from pain. His patients have taught him how to be more understanding, and the importance of discipline and hard work in order to achieve recovery.

When Dr. Fuentebella is not Practicing Medicine

When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Fuentebella enjoys swimming, jogging and lifting weights. He is currently in a relationship and has a fish!

He loves to travel, and would like to visit South America. Europe or somewhere with a beach if he has the opportunity. His experience traveling to other countries, in impoverished areas has given him perspective and purpose for life. He understands how difficult life can be for others, and he has a strong desire to make a difference in other’s lives.

The Doctors at Spanish Hills Interventional Pain Specialists

Dr. Fuentebella has been a great addition to the Spanish Hill’s team, and he focuses on the needs of his patients, ensuring the best treatment protocol is performed for each person he sees.

All the doctors at Spanish Hills collaborate and work together on the patients they see. The supportive environment of the office makes it easy for each doctor to provide input and assistance when treating a patient. If you would like more information on our pain management treatment services, please contact us.